The biggest factors that can affect real estate value

It is one of the hardest aspects of real estate investment to master: how exactly do you assess the true value of a property or a piece of land? There are a huge number of different factors that can influence the value of real estate – so which ones should we focus on and attempt to assess? Here are my thoughts on just a few.

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How understanding how real estate markets are classified can help your investment strategy

As anyone who has been involved in the real estate investment sector for any length of time will probably tell you, it can be a complex and sometimes confusing industry to try to understand.

This can be particularly the case if you are a foreign investor – for example someone who is looking to negotiate the local complexities of a market like Mexico’s. There are many different housing sectors to assess and, on top of this, challenges that include everything from understanding unique legal requirements such as fideicomiso through to finding a local real estate agent you trust.

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What does a good real estate investment look like?

Real estate investment can be a fantastic way of either earning a bit extra or making your way towards financial freedom. But how do you know which investment strategy to use? The first thing to note is that there is no ‘one’ way to go, and lots of different strategies have their own merits.

In my long career in real estate investment, I’ve seen every kind of strategy utilised by people keen to make money from property. Each strategy is potentially lucrative, but as with any asset class investment, depends on your personal circumstances and goals.

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How to turn an opportunity into a deal

I’ve always firmly believed that the world is full of potential business opportunities. For me, it’s an attitude that I take into every aspect of my working life – an approach that means I’m always on the look out for the next chance to invest. And these opportunities, more often than not, come about because of relationships. They might start with an informal conversation outside a meeting room, or after a quick chat in a hotel foyer with a friend of a friend.

It is the way that business often works – opportunities come up when you’re least expecting them, and […]

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