A guide to buying seafront properties in Mexico

Whenever anyone asks me to recommend a potential real estate investment, I never hesitate to suggest a seafront property in Mexico. I’ve spoken here before about the opportunities that are available right across the country, and why I think it offers such a great range of options for all kinds of investors, whatever their interests. In recent years the country has made it so much more straightforward for foreign investors to buy into the Mexican real estate market, across all sectors – and today properties in popular coastal areas such as Playa del Carmen have become hugely valuable.

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An investor’s guide to property in Mexico City

Any kind of attempt to give an overview of the real estate market in Mexico City has to start with a large caveat: the place is huge. Of course, definitions of what constitutes the limits of the city vary, but by most accounts Mexico City is one of the largest concentrations of people and buildings on the planet – making it an incredibly rich and varied market for potential investors. But this richness also means it is difficult to draw hard and fast conclusions about real estate in a city that is so dynamic and diverse. What is true of […]

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