It’s true: investing in real estate can be a complex and sometimes daunting experience for the uninitiated. The risks can seem frighteningly large, and the opportunities are often tough to spot.

I’ve had many years of experience working within the real estate sector as an investor, on a huge range of different projects, each with their own challenges. Thankfully, most of the projects I’ve been involved with have been successful, and I put a lot of this down to good judgement, thorough market research and the confidence that only a lot of experience in the sector can bring.

It hasn’t always worked out, but I’ve always made sure that whatever the outcome of any project I’m involved in, I learn something from it. Building in a process of reflection and learning into every project has been invaluable – there is always time to learn something new, particularly when things don’t go your way. But is it possible to distil all of this experience down into a few ‘golden rules’ for anyone who is thinking about investing in real estate to follow? I think it is. So, here are just five to get you started.

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